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At  ew-autoparts.com , we have the used engines you want at the price you need. From the time we receive your inquiry, our staff works diligently to hand pick a quality used engine which gets you back on the road as quickly as possible! Having access to the largest inventory in the US of used engines, means you get the right engine for the right price! Whether you are looking for a motor for a domestic or import, car, truck, SUV or van you've come to the right place, to get exactly what you need.

Free Used Engine Quotes

Filling out our free instant online engine quote ensures you get both the best possible price, along with great low mileage, that's hard to beat in our industry. Once your engine is ordered, it gets shipped on pallet, right to your door or to your mechanic's shop ready to be installed.


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Need a reliable and affordable car engine replacement?

Visit EW-Autoparts.com! We have the best used car engines online. We offer the best engine solutions with our huge inventory, excellent customer service, and fair prices. We have an engine for every car enthusiast and mechanic.

A Wide Range of Used Car Engine Types to Choose From:

East West Autoparts understands that engine specifications vary by vehicle. We offer a wide range of used car engines to ensure you find the right one. We stock all popular engine types.

  1. Inline-4 Engines: Smaller vehicles use these fuel-efficient engines. They balance performance and economy, making them great daily drivers.
  2. V6 Engines: Our V6 engines provide power without sacrificing fuel efficiency. These engines provide a smooth, responsive ride in mid-sized sedans and SUVs.
  3. V8 Engines: Our V8 engines offer unmatched power and performance. These engines are ideal for high-performance vehicles and enthusiasts who want the best.
  4. Diesel Engines: Need a powerful, fuel-efficient engine for towing? Our heavy-duty diesel engines deliver optimal performance and durability.
  5. Hybrid Engines: The automotive industry has embraced eco-friendly solutions, making hybrid engines popular. Used hybrid engines offer increased efficiency and lower emissions.
  6. Electric Engines: Eco-conscious people can now buy electric cars. Used electric engines for clean, electric transportation are available from us.

Superior Quality and Dependability

East West Autoparts puts quality and dependability first. We know buying a used car engine is a big investment and therefore handpick engines that are a perfect fit for your vehicle and deliver only after the engine satisfies our rigorous testing protocols.

Our experienced technicians inspect every engine component and perform extensive performance tests to ensure the engine meets or exceeds manufacturer specifications. We, therefore, confidently offer you reliable, durable, and high-performing engines by following these strict standards.

Exceptional Customer Service

East West Autoparts values customers and provides a great shopping experience. Our knowledgeable and friendly customer service team will help you find the right engine for your vehicle and assist you at every step until the part is delivered and also with questions related to installation and maintenance.

We know how important timely delivery is, especially for automotive parts, and have very reliable shipping partners to deliver your engine safely within the shortest time possible. We carefully package and handle your purchase, so you can be rest assured it will arrive in perfect condition.

Affordability and Cost-Effectiveness

We want to make replacing a car engine affordable for our customers. East West Autoparts sells quality used car engines at fair prices. Used engines cost much less than new ones.

We value transparency and upfront pricing and therefore describe and specify each engine so you can choose based on your budget and vehicle needs along with any shipping or handling charges if applicable.

Environmental Responsibility

East West Autoparts values environmental sustainability. We promote automotive recycling by offering a wide selection of used car engines. Reusing engines saves resources and reduces pollution.

Our used engines help reduce carbon emissions and support a green future.


Most of the used auto parts we sell offers warranties, which should allow you to be assured of the quality of the product

Customer Testimonials

Don't just take our word for it! Here are some testimonials from our satisfied customers:

"I purchased a used engine for my car from EW-Autoparts.com, and I couldn't be happier with the quality and performance. It was a cost-effective solution, and the engine runs like new!" - Sarah W.

"The customer service at EW-Autoparts.com is exceptional. They helped me find the right engine for my vehicle and provided all the necessary information. The engine arrived on time and exceeded my expectations." - Michael P.

"I was initially skeptical about buying a used car engine, but EW-Autoparts.com changed my perception. The engine I purchased has been running flawlessly, and the savings compared to a new engine were substantial. Highly recommended!" - Lisa M.

EW-Autoparts.com is your go-to for quality, affordable used car engines. We are confident we can find the right engine for your vehicle with our large inventory, excellent customer service, competitive pricing, and quality.

We have inline-4 engines for fuel efficiency, V6 engines for balanced performance, V8 engines for power, diesel engines for heavy-duty applications, and hybrid or electric engines for eco-friendly driving.

Check out our used car engines at EW-Autoparts.com. Our engines are convenient, affordable, and reliable. We'll help you get the engine your car deserves.

Top 10 used car engines that we delivered most:

  1. Honda B-Series: The Honda B-Series engines, such as the B16 and B18, are highly sought after by car enthusiasts for their performance potential, aftermarket support, and reliability.
  2. Toyota 2JZ-GTE: The Toyota 2JZ-GTE engine gained immense popularity due to its use in the iconic Toyota Supra. Known for its strength and ability to handle high horsepower, it is a favourite among those looking for a powerful engine for modification projects.
  3. Subaru EJ-Series: The Subaru EJ engines, including the EJ20 and EJ25, are frequently searched due to their use in models like the Impreza WRX and STI. These turbocharged engines are renowned for their performance capabilities and aftermarket tuning potential.
  4. Nissan RB-Series: The Nissan RB engines, like the RB20, RB25, and RB26, are highly sought after for their association with Nissan's legendary Skyline GT-R models. These engines are known for their durability and potential for high horsepower outputs.
  5. Ford Coyote 5.0: The Ford Coyote 5.0-liter engine used in certain Mustang models attracts attention due to its power, aftermarket support, and availability as a used engine.
  6. Volkswagen/Audi TFSI: The TFSI engines from Volkswagen and Audi, such as the 2.0-liter TFSI and 3.0-liter TFSI, are popular choices for those seeking a balance of performance and fuel efficiency in used engines.
  7. BMW M-Series Engines: BMW's M-Series engines, like the S54, S65, and S55, are highly searched due to their high-performance capabilities and engineering excellence. These engines power BMW's M models and are sought after by performance enthusiasts.
  8. Chevrolet LS-Series: The Chevrolet LS engines, including the LS1, LS3, and LS7, are popular choices for engine swaps and aftermarket builds. These engines are known for their power potential, durability, and wide compatibility.
  9. Mercedes-AMG V8: The V8 engines from Mercedes-AMG, such as the 4.0-liter biturbo V8 and the 5.5-liter V8, generate interest due to their performance-oriented nature and the exhilarating driving experience they offer.
  10. Ford EcoBoost: Ford's EcoBoost engines, like the 2.3-liter EcoBoost and 3.5-liter EcoBoost, are frequently searched due to their combination of power and efficiency. These turbocharged engines are used in various Ford models and are sought after by performance-oriented buyers.
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